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Our Advice For New Sellers

Our Advise For New Sellers

Thinking about selling your home this spring?

Here is a list of helpful hints from Team Longenecker:

  • Organize

    Gather your warranty info, owner’s manuals, and service records. Providing this information to potential buyers helps show your love and care of your home during ownership.

  • Research

    Educate yourself about your home. How old is the roof, furnace, or appliances? Know the facts, how much will it cost to repair or replace those items. Don’t hide anything from your potential buyers – home inspectors will find those issues in the end. Armed with this information helps you in negotiating an offer, don’t let buyers over inflate cost of repairs to these big-ticket items.

  • Maintain

    Curb appeal and landscaping are important. The first thing buyers see is the outside of your home, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Don’t give a potential buyer any reason to believe the home has been neglected. Make sure the mailbox is straight and the landscaping is maintained. Simply pulling weeds, removing old debris from flower beds and yard, mowing the lawn, and edging & applying a fresh coat of mulch are cost effective ways to increase curb appeal.

  • Reduce

    Help buyers to feel “at-home” and envision themselves living there. Declutter the home, you want the house to feel roomy but not empty. De-personalizing is often overlooked, make sure personal items and style do not overwhelm the buyers. Clean your home, don’t forget about items like blinds, base boards and even the refrigerator. Buyers will notice, don’t think they won’t!

Now that you have done these items, give Team Longenecker a call. Let’s talk about what we can do to get your home sold using technology, marketing, and great pictures!

Team Longenecker is here for You!

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