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All things fall…when thinking about selling your Home!

The Fall Season is Upon Us! 

During this season, seller’s often question whether this is a good time to sell their home.  While the spring season is definitely the busiest home buying season, it doesn’t mean this is the only time to sell.  So, let’s talk a little bit about selling your home in September, October or November.

Fall Real Estate Market

Yes, we all know the spring market in real estate is the busiest, but what the Fall market brings is a group of serious buyers and usually less competition.  Are you wondering if homes sell in the Fall?  Well, last year over the Fall months in Lebanon County an average of 134 home sold a month.  The interesting statistic for this fall is that last year at this time we had almost double the amount of inventory on the market then we do now in the county.  All signs pointing to the Fall as a good time to consider putting a “For Sale” sign in your yard.

Pros and Cons to the Fall Market

·       Less buyers means less opportunity for multiple offers. 

·       The months of September – November still offer plenty of day light hours to schedule showings and open houses.

·       Approximately 56% of buyers don’t have kids under the age of 18 that are affected by school year restrictions.

·       Busy work, school and holiday schedules can make showings harder to schedule.


Preparing your Home for the Market

Make sure to take some time to address any major concerns or red flag items with your home, especially those big-ticket items.  This is important anytime that you are selling your home, but especially in the Fall when there are less buyers meaning they have more negotiating power.

These indoor maintenance items will draw more attention in the autumn months than spring and summer:

·       Drafty windows and doors are easily noticed on a chilly fall day.

·       Replace air filters so that as you crank up the heat there is less chance of stale smells and excessive dust.

·       Keep an eye out for cobwebs and insects as bugs look for winter shelter inside the warmth.

Remember that buyers shopping in the Fall months are thinking more about the inside of the home than focusing on outside spaces.

Fall curb appeal isn’t as easy to achieve as the spring, but make sure to keep the yard mowed, and as clear of leaves as possible.  Take time to trim back any dying plants and give shrubs and trees a quick trim.  Also think about planting some fall flowers around the front of the home to add some extra color.  Make sure to have a clean doormat at the front door for wet shoes.

Fall Staging Tips

While there are still more daylight hours than in winter months, you still need to think about keeping the home as light as possible for showings.  Make sure that windows are clean and letting as much light in as possible.  Also think about adding a few extra lamps or swapping higher wattage bulbs in fixtures.

Take time to play up the coziness of your home.  During the start of cooler months we often think about cuddling up on the sofa with a soft blanket and a warm drink.  Make sure your home showcases opportunities to do so.  Add extra blankets or pillows to seating areas.  Display a coffee or hot chocolate area in your kitchen.  Add autumn colored accents but stay away from to much fall or Halloween decorations so that buyers can see what the home would look like all year long.

If you have more questions about selling your home in this Fall.  Team Longenecker would be happy to meet with you and build a customized plan to get your home sold this Fall!  Call us at 717-450-7090 or email us at

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