Between investors and grant funds, 80.6 million dollars have been invested into Lebanon City buildings and infrastructures over the last five years. The MSA ranked Lebanon 145th in the United States for “Best Cities to Do Business” and #3 within the state for business openings. Allow us to count you among the over 100 merchants, restaurants, services, and cultural attractions in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

The City of Lebanon is nestled in the heart of the Lebanon Valley and is the county’s seat of government and commerce center.  It’s central location within Lebanon County and Central Pennsylvania allows for easy access to Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, Reading and more.  Lebanon City itself has a population of around 26,000 people and covers a total area of 4.2 square miles.

Our city provides a small-town atmosphere with the contemporary amenities a lot of us are looking for.  The downtown is a walkable urban center that embraces its historical charm while celebrating the cultures and ethnic identities of our population.  It is home to multiple restaurants and coffee shops and the Lebanon Farmers Market.

Our proximity to nature continues to shape our community and drive visitors to check out what we have to offer.  The Lebanon Valley offers many amenities to immerse yourself in nature and farmland.  Outdoor recreation is a key factor in the quality of life in Lebanon County.  Even within the city limits we have multiple parks and green spaces including Coleman Memorial Park, Stoever’s Dam Park and Soutwest Park.

Additionally, the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail is a great spot for outdoor recreation and connects users right to the Downtown.  It is a part of a national recreation trail that runs throughout the county and connects to trails in surrounding counties.  It is a great spot for walking and riding bike.  The rebuilt trail is put together from two local railroads, The Cornwall & Lebanon Railroad and The Cornwall Railroad.  Once completed our local section will be a 25-mile trail.  There are multiple trail heads with the closest being on 8th street about 3 blocks south of the downtown.