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Can You Spot A Craftsman?

Can You Spot A Craftsman?

A craftsman style home is like your neighborhood hardware store that you have visited over and over. They know you by name and have everything you need, ushering you to the product location as the clerk catches up about your family or the football game last night.

Characteristics of a Craftsman Style Home

The craftsman style home creates a warm, functional space by using some common design elements.

  • An open floor plan, natural wood finishes with earthy colors to create a harmonious look and feel.
  • Built in cabinets, book cases and shelving are common with lots of windows for natural light.
  • Exposed beams ceilings along with stained glass accents could also be implemented throughout.
  • The outside of the home usually has a low-pitched front or side gable roofs, overhanging eves with exposed rafters and beams.
  • A large front porch with supporting columns that usually extend to ground level. Columns are usually covered in stone as well as foundation walls.
  • You will also find larger width window and door casings which gives the home a very unique look.

Craftsman style home owners might not be aware they live in this type of home or maybe they have sought it out for the artful design and functionality it offers. The Craftsman style home is worth taking a look at if you want something unique or something a little different than just the normal home.


Click on the following links to view some craftsman style homes:

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