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Learn More About Selling Your Home

Home Goals for 2021

No matter your home-ownership status, we’ve got some ideas and advice for you to make this year your best one yet.

Seller’s Market

Buy in a buyer’s market and sell in a seller’s market. Sounds simple but let’s define exactly what a seller’s market really is…

All things fall…when thinking about selling your Home!

All signs pointing to the Fall as a good time to consider putting a “For Sale” sign in your yard.

What does a Seller’s Market Mean for YOU?

A seller’s market means that the demand for homes is greater than the amount of homes we have for sale.

Renovations That Grab Buyer’s Attention

Let’s talk about some home improvement projects that rank high among buyers in today’s market.

For Sale By Owner vs. A Realtor

Selling your home on your own or with a Realtor? With the thought of warmer weather and green grass just around the corner, many home owners contemplate selling their home.  Typically, the spring season finds the most amount of active buyers looking to make a home purchase which can make it a great time to…

Home Inspections: A Buyer’s Peace of Mind!

You have found the home of your dreams, negotiated with the seller and are under contract.  Now what?  How do you make sure your home will stand the test of time? After going under contract, you will want to hire a home inspector.  A home inspector is like the general doctor for your home.  They…

What is the Value of Your Home?

Are you thinking of refinancing, selling, or making home improvements to your home?  Then knowing the value of your home is important.   There are many automated estimators online.  They use public record data within a radius of the home and an algorithm to create a value. This automated system includes sites like Zillow, RPR…

A World Full of Doors

I’m sure you have heard it before, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!”  Well your front door is no exception.  This is the focal point of your home and is usually the first thing and the last thing someone sees when visiting your home or could be the only thing…

Our Advice For New Sellers

Thinking about selling your home this spring? Here is a list of helpful hints from Team Longenecker… Gather your warranty info, owner’s manuals, and service records. Providing this information to potential buyers helps show your love and care of your home during ownership.