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Renovations That Grab Buyer’s Attention

Renovations that Grab Buyer’s Attention

Are you thinking about making some changes around your home?  Maybe you are wondering what renovations a buyer might find the most value in if you were to sell your home.  Let’s talk about some home improvement projects that rank high among buyers in today’s market.

Today’s buyers are all about the kitchen and bathroom spaces.  If you are thinking about doing anything to your home these areas are especially important to pay attention to.

Home Renovations that add value


It doesn’t always have to be a total remodel.  Sometimes the little things can make a big difference.  Southern Living says more buyers are turning away from busy backsplashes and jarring palettes in the kitchen, opting for a simpler subway tile backsplash and subdued paint colors for cabinetry.  A lot of buyers are looking for granite counter tops, if this isn’t in the budget make sure counters are in good condition and a complementing color.  Most buyers are looking at appliances as well.  Think about a package upgrade, especially consider stainless steel.  New appliances can go a long way when a buyer is thinking about purchasing a home and the price they are willing to pay.  Old appliances immediately relate to a buyer thinking about early on out of pocket costs.


Let’s face it our bathrooms are probably one of the hardest used rooms in our homes.  38% of home owners that complete a bathroom renovation are doing so to upgrade worn-out surfaces, finishes and materials.  Today’s buyers are looking for simple color palettes, ease of use, storage, and functionality.  Tiled showers are a great bonus.  But, what is most important is an area that a buyer can move into and not feel like they have to replace a worn-out or broken item.


A lot of today’s buyers are looking for hard surface floors especially hard wood or a faux hard wood product.  If your floors are looking dingy and worn it might be worth thinking about replacing them especially in the main living areas.  Many buyers consider condition of flooring when they consider what they will pay for the home.  This is especially the case if a home has worn or stained carpet.  Replacing flooring is a home improvement project that is estimated to give you a 90% return in value.


Today everyone has lots of stuff, and everyone wants a place to hide it.  Making sure your home offers storage options can offer ease of living and a more organized life.  Organizational accents, such as built-in bookshelves and window seats with storage underneath, are not only practical but can also offer “old-school charm,” Southern Living notes.  Consider adding storage solutions like extra shelves, hooks, and rods where possible. 

Have you made some improvements and are wondering what the new value of your home is?  Contact a Team Longenecker Member for a Home Valuation.

For more information on the impact of remodeling check out this report from the National Association of Realtors.  Or the article8 Home Upgrades That Always Pay Off, According to the Pros,” from Southern Living.


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