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3 Steps to Avoid Missing Out on Your Dream Home in a Fast Moving Market

3 Steps to Avoid Missing Out on Your Dream Home in a Fast Moving Market

The Hummelstown and Hershey real estate market is strong. So strong that homes seem to disappear soon after they are listed. That is good news for sellers but extremely tough for buyers who want a home here. It causes buyer frustration and creates feelings of anxiety. We hear buyers say, “if we don’t take this home, there might not be another option,” or, “I wish we didn’t have to make a decision so quickly.”

Our advice? Formulate an action plan.

  • Hire A Realtor

    You knew we were going to say that, didn’t you? Realtors have tools that make searching easy, producing matches for the homes you are looking for. But, most importantly, Realtors allow you to continue your busy life while we do the leg work.

  • Secure Financing In Advance

    A pre-approval is extremely important and putting your financial affairs in order will give you the overall knowledge of costs associated with buying a home in your price range and the types of loans that are right for you. It will help to answer questions like, “How much out-of-pocket money will I need to close,” and, “How much will my mortgage payment be per month?”

  • Be Flexible

    Lastly, be ready to see homes quickly. In a fast moving market where homes sell quickly, you don’t want to miss an opportunity. Keep your schedule flexible and and be ready to talk about an offer if the home is right for you.

As you consider buying a home in a fast moving market like Hummelstown or Hershey? Think about formulating an action plan like this one. Having the right plan will lead to a successful – and less stressful – home buying experience. Let us help you formulate your action plan for success. Contact Team Longenecker to help!

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