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Celebrating Halloween

Halloween Tips and Tricks from Team Longenecker

Skeletons, Jack-o-Lanterns, Black Cats and all things we associate with Halloween become abundant as the end of October draws near!  This holiday celebrated on October 31st can be traced back to age-old European traditions.  Spooky and scary or simple and fun, this ghoulish holiday can be celebrated in many ways.

Here are a few ideas for how you might celebrate Halloween this year!


Halloween Decorations don’t have to be expensive or even costly.  These decorating ideas can be used around your home this year.

  • Life size skeletons are a great Halloween decoration. The skeletons, whether used inside or outside they can be posed in real life positions and adorned with hats, ties and more!
  • A large piece of insulation spray painted gray is an easy backdrop for a colony of bats in flight. Paper bats in multiple sizes are attached with a straight pin.
  • Outside a display of pumpkins, mums, skeletons, skulls, and a variety of metal containers can come together for a lively display.
  • Easily turn a door into a monster with strands of black crepe paper and green and black paper circles.



4 ideas for decorating for Halloween
Halloween Decoration Ideas


Trick-or-Treat Tips

We all know that for kids the best part about Halloween is Trick-or-Treat night!  Countywide here in Lebanon, PA Trick-or-Treat night will be Tuesday October 31st 6pm – 8pm.  Here are a couple of tips for keeping your kids safe that night.

  • Before heading out, make sure costumes fit well. You don’t want kids to trip over too-long hems or have blind spots from bulky masks.
  • Wear comfortable shoes since you will be doing lots of walking.
  • Carry a flash light and add reflective surfaces to your costume where possible.
  • Trick-or-Treat with an Adult and for older children make sure to know their route so you can trace their steps if necessary.
  • While out walking around, make sure to be cautious crossing streets and beware of distracted drivers.
  • Trick-or-treaters should avoid entering stranger’s homes and visit homes that are well lit.
  • Before eating the candy make sure adults check through it and avoid homemade treats from strangers.

Halloween Recipes

Is a Halloween Dinner or Party on your calendar this year?  These spooky Halloween treats will help your guests to get into the spirit.

  • Short on time but looking for a simple treat? Spider Eggs are a great option?  Here a bowl full of powdered donut holes and some plastic spiders make a creepy crawly treat.
  • The Bloody Brains in the top right are popcorn balls made with red food coloring and shaped into mini brains.
  • A taco dip turned Cemetery is another option. Use cookie cutters to or a knife to cut tombstone shapes and a tree out of tortilla shells.  Once cut bake in the oven and use dark food coloring and a toothpick to decorate the shapes.
  • Another great idea is a meatloaf turned Mummy Head is a great main dish for any Halloween dinner. Before baking cover your meatloaf shaped into the form of a head with strips of bacon.  Use onion wedges for teeth and two olive slices for eyeballs.


4 treats to serve at your halloween party
Halloween Eats and Treats


A Haunting Good Time

Lastly, If you are looking for a higher chill factor this Halloween season, you might want to check out one of the many “haunted” places in central pa.  A place that you might not have known makes the list is the our very own “sweetest place on earth” Hershey Park.  The park is said to be haunted by the ghosts of two roller coaster riders who died in the early years of the park.  There are also many local restaurants, pubs and old hotels with tales of roaming ghosts and spirits in the area.

So, no matter how you look to spend your Halloween holiday…be safe and enjoy!

All pictures provided by our Team Member Emmily Longenecker and her love of this fun and spooky Holiday!
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